Brief Introduction of Tongkun-Indonesia Refining and Chemical Integration Project

March 19, 2024

Tongkun Group is a large scale private enterprise with core business of PTA, polyester and polyester filament as well as various investments in refining, aluminum fabrication, innovative packing material, equipment manufacturing, logistics, real estate and other diversified fields. After forty years of development, it has realized a complete industry chain from “a drop of oil” and “a cubic of gas”to “a piece of cloth”, and formed a nationwide whole industry chain layout with multiple production bases in China.

Tongkun Group, the largest polyester filament producer in the world, now has 10 million tons refining capacity (equity), 10.2 million tons PTA capacity, 13 million tons polymerization capacity and 13.5 million tons polyester filament capacity. Tongkun Group ranks No. 183 of China’s Top 500 Enterprises and No. 55 of China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises in 2023.

Tongkun Group Co., Ltd intends to build a 16 MMTA refining and chemical integration project in North Kalimantan Industrial Park, North Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, to further expand its supply chain. The project is estimated to have a total investment of 8.6 billion US Dollars, covering an area of 900 hectares, and is expected to achieve approximately 10 billion US Dollars annual sales revenue after put into operation. At present, the project is in governmental approval stage.