Focusing on chain investment promotion, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone accelerates the rise of advantageous industrial clusters!

March 22, 2024

Recently, Jiaxing Nahong Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Visual Internet of Things Innovation Center, is busy with the final finishing work before production. This high-tech company, which focuses on the transformation of key materials for micro and nano structures and "bottleneck" technology achievements, will officially start production in April this year, adding another " great general" to the cutting-edge material industry in the development zone.


Seeing the core technology and product advantages of Nahong Technology in the field of ultra fine metal mesh yarn, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone conducted multiple rounds of docking negotiations with the enterprise in the early stage, and finally signed an investment agreement between the two parties in October last year. Due to sufficient orders, in order to ensure timely delivery to customers, the project didn't stop during the Spring Festival period, racing against time to meet deadlines and progress, and pressing the "acceleration button" for construction. "We have received strong support and help from Tongxiang Economic Development Zone in all aspects of project signing, landing and construction commencement. As 'project managers', the investment promotion personnel have followed up the project throughout the life cycle and provided one-stop quality services, which makes us feel convenient, efficient and sincere." Zhan Xinghua, General Manager of Nahong Technology, said.

It is reported that the current main product of Jiaxing Nahong Technology Co., Ltd. is metal mesh for photovoltaic solar cells. This product has completely independent intellectual property rights, providing strong support for downstream customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieving domestic substitution in the photovoltaic subdivision field.  "Our products can be customized according to customers' needs, and it is expected that the annual output value will reach 300 million yuan after full production. We will also cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises in the development zone to expand and strengthen the photovoltaic industry together!" said Zhan Xinghua confidently.

The signing and landing of Nahong technology is a microcosm of the "chain investment promotion" of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone.  Last year, Tongxiang Economic and Development Zone fully implemented the requirements of the "Investment Promotion 1010" campaign, explored a characteristic investment promotion model of "chain investment promotion+diversified channels+value-added services", continuously introduced a number of advantageous projects, and promoted the strengthening, supplementation, and extension of the chain. Among the 28 newly introduced physical manufacturing projects throughout the year, 26 were leading industry projects, including 13 digital economy projects, 6 high-end equipment manufacturing projects, and 7 new materials projects. The leading industry agglomeration reached 93%, and the investment in the industrial chain achieved significant results.


This year, the third meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Tongxiang City proposed to make a breakthrough in investment promotion, creating the best investment destination and a gathering place for high-quality projects. As the main battlefield and platform of the city's economy, as well as one of the four major investment promotion corps, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone must take the initiative to attract investment. "2024 is the important year of 'investment attraction', and we will continue to focus on our goals and tasks, firmly adhere to the three leading industries of digital economy, high-end equipment manufacturing, and cutting-edge materials, focus on our main responsibilities and businesses, and work together to attract large and strong industries through industry chain investment to promote investment attraction work to a new level!" said the relevant person in charge of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone.