Top Leaders in Tongxiang are all doing this!

March 22, 2024

"Tongxiang Development Zone ranks the National 18th among provincial development zones, and fixed assets investment has exceeded 10 billion for four consecutive years......" On the morning of February 19, Lan Yamin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Secretary of the Party Committee of Gaoqiao Sub-district, presented on the scene of a project in Hangzhou.


Development Zone (Gaoqiao Sub-district) "Top Leaders" Connection Project

The industry chain of the project is located is precisely what the development zone craves - high-end equipment manufacturing. The Project Owner plans to expand production. Previously, the investment focus was on Tongxiang recommended by a certain enterprise in Tongxiang. Both sides had contact before the year and urgently needed to deepen cooperation.

Through some negotiations, the Project Owner was obviously very tempted. "Tongxiang has a good geographical advantage and a solid industrial foundation. Several conpanies we know have already settled in Tongxiang, and they even recommended us to come to Tongxiang, saying it is a good investment destination".

One customer has just completed the contact, and the next customer has already made an appointment. Lan Yamin's schedule is fully arranged.

Coincidentally, Zhang Xiaolei, the Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, had just finished a meeting in the Bureau this morning and had already led a team to Hangzhou in the afternoon to negotiate a certain AI Visual Inspection Equipment Project. "The Project Owner has a strong desire for cooperation, so if we make an appointment for the new year, we will seize the opportunity to negotiate and strive to settle down as soon as possible," she said.


The top leader of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Connection Project

"After the Spring Festival, it is the time for enterprises to 'Make Determinations' for investment throughout the year, and it is also a golden node for attracting investment." Zhang Xiaolei told reporters that she will continuously go to Shanghai and other places to visit key target enterprises point-to-point, promote project negotiations to accelerate progress, and strive to sign contracts as soon as possible.

The situation doesn't wait for anyone, and hard work is the key to speed.

According to the Tongxiang Three-Doing Conference that just concluded, investment attraction and project construction are firmly regarded as the top tasks of this year with the theme of "Major Breakthroughs in Investment Promotion and Major Projects", conveying the strongest voice of  "project is king".

Guided by the "Head Hoose", the first starts the business. At present, Tongxiang is in a state of "unable to wait" and "unable to slow down". It is the first time to "move" and "go out", seize the opportunity, and comprehensively launch the "first battle" led by the "Top Leaders" to attract investment.

The "Top Leaders" of Zhouquan went into the park personally to inspect the micro robot project, and the "Top Leaders" of Wuzhen High-tech Zone coordinated and negotiated projects related to the Data Element Industry Park.


The top leader of Zhouquan Connection Project


The "Top Leaders" of Wuzhen High-tech Zone Connection Project

It is reported that based on the breakthrough in investment promotion in October 10, 2023, Tongxiang has once again increased its investment. In addition to implementing a mechanism for attracting investment in all fields and industries, four major investment teams have been established, including the Development Zone, Wuzhen, Fusion of Hangzhou, and Airport. Special policies have also been introduced in key areas, such as intelligent vehicles, to ensure more precise and efficient project implementation with more practical measures and a better environment.

The first-class business environment also brings merchants more hope for the development of Tongxiang's industry. Recently, a number of large and good projects in the fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicle parts manufacturing, new materials, and healthy food have landed in Tongxiang.


Key projects in Shimen Town for the Q1 of 2024 have been signed and completed in a centralized manner

The 100,000 m2 annual production of integrated resin film for packaging and display of Jiaxing Zhike New Materials Co., Ltd. is one of them. "As a start-up technology enterprise, our products have entered the supply chain system of leading enterprises, such as Volkswagen and Suzuki, and it urgently needs to expand production scale." The project Leader, Lai Hengjie, said frankly that he hopes to seize the opportunity for the vigorous development of new energy vehicle materials and optical display materials in the Yangtze River Delta Region, and takes root in the fertile land of Tongxiang to achieve better development.

"In 2024,  we will accelerate the gathering of a group of large-scale, high-level, and highly motivated projects, striving for a total investment of over 100 billion yuan." Zhang Xiaolei said.