On Intelligent Automobile Industry, Tongxiang is Launching Such a Campaign!

March 22, 2024

"These are batteries, these are the power domain controllers, autonomous driving domain controllers, vehicle body domain controllers, door controllers, these are gateways, and these are high-voltage chargers..." At the assembly line of Hozon New Energy Vehicles, the components are arranged according to the installation position on the vehicle body, allowing the "Investment Promotion Team" of our city to intuitively understand the relevant knowledge of intelligent vehicle components.


This afternoon (January 26), a special training session on investment promotion for the intelligent automobile industry was launched in our city, aiming to improve the professional competence of investment promotion personnel in our city, enhance the targeting and effectiveness of investment promotion for the intelligent automobile industry, and accelerate the agglomeration and development of the intelligent automobile industry of our city.


At the training meeting, Yu Hong, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Wuzhen High-tech Zone explained the basic business skills based on her own investment experience that investment personnel should master. At the same time, she gave practical explanations on investment project judgment to enhance the ability of investment personnel to judge projects and write project judgment reports. Wang Yifei, Senior Director of Intelligent Procurement at Hozon Automobile, who has extensive experience in the automotive industry chain procurement work, introduced the intelligent automotive industry chain, new trends in automotive parts, and put forward investment recommendations.


Intelligent vehicles have become the main development trend of the future automotive industry with the rapid development of the global automotive industry. Our city has a good industrial foundation and development advantages as one of the regions with the most complete county-level automobile industry in China. This year, all platforms in the city will be divided into four major investment team: Development Zone, Wuzhen, Fusion of Hangzhou, and Airport. The intelligent automobile industry is one of the leading industries in each group.

Qian Xilu, Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Service Center in Wuzhen Town, told the reporter that this special training is full of resources and the content is very down-to-earth. It not only includes knowledge related to improving investment promotion business capabilities, but also professional knowledge in the intelligent automotive industry. "We will continuously focus on the "three intelligences and one network ", deeply cultivate the intelligent automobile industry, and achieve new breakthroughs in attracting large and strong projects in 2024", Qian Xilu said.

"The special training on investment promotion in the intelligent automobile industry launched this year first helped our city promote the development of the intelligent automobile industry. There will be more training in the future to continuously improve the work level of frontline investment promotion personnel", said Liu Xibo, a member of the Party Group of Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Director of the Investment Promotion Service Center.