Tongxiang is the city of intelligent driving cars

March 22, 2024

One new energy vehicle is assembled and taken offline here every 4 min, gathering more than 200 related supporting enterprises with an annual output value of over 35 billion yuan. It is the city of intelligent driving cars, so come to Tongxiang and win the future!


Today (February 17), at the city's Third Level Cadre Conference and the Mobilization Meeting for "Major Breakthroughs in Investment Promotion and Major Projects", Tongxiang released the first promotional video of "City of Intelligent Driving Automobiles" to the world.

A city of intelligent driving cars is rising energetically!

Although it is a rising star in the automotive industry, Tongxiang has a strong family background. Located in the "Golden Triangle" Center of Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou, Tongxiang has close cooperation between schools and enterprises, strong talent guarantee and intellectual support. It has more than 200 automotive industry supporting enterprises, including Hozon New Energy, Freetech, and Shuanghuan Driveline, covering intelligent vehicle manufacturing, electric drive system powertrain, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit solutions, power batteries and management systems, wireless communication modules, and body components, etc. The industrial chain continuously improves and the development momentum continuously strengthens.


△ Hozon New Energy Production Workshop

Tongxiang has built the most complete intelligent automobile industry ecological cluster at the county and city level nationwide.

The rolling wheels force Tongxiang to develop continuously. The intelligent automobile industry is a high-precision and iconic industry that Tongxiang focuses on cultivating for the future.

How will Tongxiang make efforts in the new year?

The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Yu Huiyou, stated that he will focus on the segmented business models of intelligent vehicles, identify weak and blank points in the industrial chain, and vigorously build, supplement, extend, and strengthen the chain.

Therefore, Tongxiang will focus on the layout of the investment chain for the intelligent connected vehicle industry, introduce more on chain projects, bring in special investment plans for key areas and links in the industry chain, and continuously expand the territory of this industry.

It is worth mentioning that the investment mechanism for the large team has also emerged. The four major investment promotion corps, namely the Development Zone, Wuzhen, Fusion of Hangzhou, and Airport, are fully prepared to focus on key links in the industrial chain, draw a good investment promotion map to attract and implement more projects well.


△Freetech products

A prosperous and vibrant emerging automotive industry city is emerging.