RMB 47.4 Billion! Tongxiang Contracted 56 Major Projects

April 16, 2024

Tongxiang is striving for "development acceleration" with unprecedented momentum.

A total of 56 high-quality projects were contracted in the city in the first quarter, with a total planned investment of RMB 47.4 billion. Today (April 2), contracts for 26 projects were collectively signed with a planned total investment of RMB 19.1 billion at the signing ceremony for the first batch of key projects in 2024 and the press conference on policies to stabilize enterprises and the economy. Municipal leaders Yu Huiyou, Wang Jian, Pan Chuandi, Chen Lingen, Wang Zhijun, Yuan Jie, Zhou Yan, Yao Fuqiang, et al., attended the event.



Tongxiang is seeking development through project introduction and investment. This year, Tongxiang gives top priority to the "Investment Breakthrough Year" in its "Three-Year" plan, demonstrating its firm determination to advance economic development with breakthroughs in investment. Major projects have been serving as the core support and key increment of Tongxiang’s economic and social development, according to Yu Huiyou, Secretary of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee.

It can be seen that the contracted projects are closely aligned with the current task of reinforcing and strengthening industrial chains in Tongxiang. They involve core manufacturing industries such as the digital economy such as smart cars, smart sensing, and smart computing. As a result, they will create a "new engine" for industrial development and provide strong support for Tongxiang in upgrading the industrial level, accelerating the formation of new productive forces, and constantly shaping new development drivers and new advantages.



A typical one of the contracted projects is China Unicom's Intelligent Computing Center project with a planned total investment of RMB 1 billion. During the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit last year, China Unicom joined hands with Tongxiang to attend the Wuzhen "International Internet Town" launch ceremony. Today, the details were revealed. It is reported that the project mainly aims to build China Unicom's independent intelligent computing power service platform, plans to build 2000P flops intelligent computing training reasoning capabilities, and provides required computing, storage, network and other services for AI algorithms, model training, reasoning, etc. This also means that following the "Light of Wuzhen" Supercomputing Center, another "most powerful brain" will come into being in Tongxiang!

In terms of their "identity attributes", the contracted projects have both additional investments from local "old friends" and new investments from businesses interested in Tongxiang's industrial landscape, which demonstrates Tongxiang's great power in attracting big companies.

"Tongxiang boasts a superior business environment and unique location advantages. There are many industry-leading "chain master" enterprises, forming a complete industrial ecosystem and creating a wide range of cooperation opportunities for the upstream and downstream supply chains." Within only two months, the automobile intelligent electronically controlled suspension system project was decided to settle in Tongxiang. A project leader firmly said that they would have the confidence to develop their project in Tongxiang and aim for a bigger picture with a global horizon.

Tongxiang Opens Its Arms to Embrace Partners to Jointly Stride for a Bright Future

A lush tree can attract the birds to make it their home. "Tongxiang, which is undergoing transformation, upgrading and chain development, always provides unlimited space and possibilities for wealth creation and entrepreneurship," Yu Huiyou said. Two things are very important in urban development, in his opinion. One is to provide quality services for enterprises, and the other is to interact well with colleges and universities. Only when these two tasks are properly carried out can they bring hope and a bright future to the city’s development.

The project implementation and development are more important than the introduction. This is what Tongxiang advocates and practices.

In addition, a press conference on policies to stabilize enterprises and the economy was specially held during the signing ceremony. A batch of policies involving key projects, green manufacturing, transformation of production and manufacturing methods and other fields effectively respond to the demands of enterprises, directly target their pain points, deeply explore the potential of burden reduction, and substantially help enterprises increase their benefits and achieve high-quality development.


"The reward and support from the authorities mean an affirmation and encouragement for us." At the ceremony, as a representative company, Jiaxing ColeiTec Composites Technology Co., Ltd. received the industrial productivity policy reward fund. The person in charge said that in the future, the company would further increase investment in research and development to make it bigger and stronger.



"Entrepreneurs have always been Tongxiang's most solid support and most trustworthy partners." Yu Huiyou extended a warm invitation to the guests present, saying that "Tongxiang will always treat entrepreneurs as its own family members and business affairs as its own family affairs. It will provide its strongest support for them, serve as their best partner, and provide businesses with an ideal development environment, an excellent investment experience, and substantial value-added services. The government will also join hands with enterprises to seek a brighter future and build Tongxiang into a land for investment, entrepreneurship, and career development."


It is understood that this year, Tongxiang has carried out in-depth investment promotion activities of "Smart Development in Toangxiang for a Bright Future" to increase the frequency and popularity of "Investing in Tongxiang" in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner through investment promotion and project concentration. On the same day, an online international investment portal on the Tongxiang Municipal People's Government's website was made accessible. It is reported that the new portal integrates the characteristics of scenario-based business services and one-stop information services, and will provide more convenient and efficient services for foreign investors in Tongxiang.